Flare: Clojure Dynamic Neural Net Library

I wrote Flare, a Dynamic Neural Net library in Clojure.

Album Review: Monuments To An Elegy (Smashing Pumpkins)

My review of the new Smashing Pumpkins record.

Numerical Optimization: Understanding L-BFGS

Numerical optimization is at the core of much of machine learning. In this post, we derive the L-BFGS algorithm, commonly used in batch machine learning applications.

Classification with Mira In Clojure

A brief introduction to passive-agressive algorithm (sometimes erroneously called Mira.

The Relation between MIRA and CW Learning

Exploring the relationship between MIRA and confidence-weighted learning.

Clojure Unsupervised Part-Of-Speech Tagger Explained

Analaysis of the Clojure code sample that imprlements unsupervised part-of-speech tagger.

State-Of-The-Art Unsupervised Part-Of-Speech Tagging in 300 lines of Clojure (from Scratch)

A complete unsupervised part-of-speech model in 30 lines of Clojure

Computer and Computational Science

There's a divide I've noticed amongst people lumped into a "computer science" department. Compactly, I think there are computer scientists and computational scientists; the knowledge base of these groups is rapidly diverging and CS departments should do a better job catering to each's needs.